The Pierre Dunker Quartet debut album: "Nomads"

- Antilliaans Dagblad -

“So much virtuosity, so many layers, emotions, free improvisation combined with deep grooves: the music has an overwhelming quality...”

- Jazzenzo -
"With short themes and whirly improvisation wrapped in ballads and impulsive jazz sounds, Dunker isn't tempted to experiment, but inspires with surprising modern compositions framed in 'Craftsmanship and Mastery'. A strong debut..."

- VPRO -
"Dunker's jazz is peppered with Caribbean and Latin-American pulses. Taste-full straight-ahead, in a bass, sax, piano and drums set-up with nice scattered tropical influences..."

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The album release, a success beyond expectations! 

A huge success our album release at Cafe Belcampo. It was a full house with an audience truly involved with the music. The music was great, the audience was great and the night phenomenal! That's a blessing! I want to thanks everybody for coming out yesterday night, especially Mark Doorn for his great presentation and marketing engine! The album is also available online at iTunes!

Pierre Dunker Quartet New album "Nomads" available on iTunes 

I'm very proud to announce that we recorded our debut album at Wedge View Studios (Netherlands). Mixing and mastering are completed. Check out the album recording documentary on my quartet page. Album release is October 15 2016. Pre-order on iTunes is October 18 and sale is the 21st. This is the iTunes link. And on Apple Music.
This album was also made possible by Prins Bernard Cultuur Fonds Caribisch Gebied.


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